Short description :

SIMS 4 is new way to see the reallity. It is a life-simulating game developed by Maxis and published by EA. Sims 4 follows the usual gameplay of the series . This game is highly optimized for windows users so it won`t require powerfull hardware to run this game, but in the same time it has better graphics . Sims 4 comes out with more visible emotions like anger, happiness and so on. These features are looking really naturaly.2

Playing options:

With this new version of the game you can choose one of the premade families in the neighborhood , if you want to , or you can also create your own family placing it in an empty house, but this is not all, you are now able to build your own house ,and you can make it just how you wish to be .

The physical aspect of the characters is now much more customizable than before , so you are able to change little detailes like the nose aspectand so on. This way you will have an unique personalized character.

The emotional aspect is highly improved , for instance your character can be affected by  persistent emotions like anger, happiness etc. Comparatevely speaking, when you look at the previous version of Sims , you realise how good this one is . Another interesting feature in this game is that many characters have life goals . Some of them want to become famous musicians or actors, but some of them have bad intensions , wanting to become serial killers .

Full version of Sims 4 features:

  1. New ways to create and play with your character;
  2. High customizable options;
  3. You are rfee to sculpt your Sim with precision and build your dream house without effort;

Minimum system requirements:

  • Processor : 2 GHz , or higher;
  • OS : Windows XP , or higher;
  • RAM : 1 GB , or higher;
  • HDD: 6.1 GB free space;

You Can download now this new awesome game. Just click the download buton below . Wait for it to download and install it . After that you can start playing it , the crack is integrated in it.


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